Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef

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Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef

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Great Barrier Reef, Wildlife

Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef (CoGBR) acts as a hub for people who care about the reef and a repository for ideas, knowledge, and actions to nurture a healthy reef and healthy planet. Bringing together scientists, universities, and the people who live and work on the Great Barrier Reef, CoGBR draws upon individuals, communities, businesses, organisations, schools, and clubs to join and support the initiative. Discover inspirational stories, scalable outcomes, and the actions that CoGBR can take to tackle climate change and promote a healthy, thriving reef.


Projects include:

The Great Reef Census

World-first citizen science effort to survey the Great Barrier Reef to deliver vital insights for the conservation of this iconic ecosystem, and engage the global community in the future of the Reef through education, storytelling, and action.


Reef Tracks: Marine Life Tracker

From sharks to turtles and manta rays, follow real-time tracks from the most iconic reef residents and help unlock the mysteries of the Great Barrier Reef.


Citizens Atlas

Discover some of the most exciting projects happening on the Great Barrier Reef and beyond, from turtle conservation to coral spawning, reef restoration, and mangrove monitoring, the Atlas is a one-stop shop for discovering the people and projects working to safeguard the Reef.