The ReefConnect Program

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The ReefConnect Program

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Great Barrier Reef

The ReefConnect Program enables guests to visit the reef while gaining insight into conservation, cultural awareness and marine education. Providing fully guided experiences and tailored itineraries with a focus on:

Reef Conservation
First Nations Sea Country
Marine Science

Reef Conservation – delegates can learn about the threats that reefs globally are facing and the incredible programs that are building on this natural resilience. Engage in research projects conducted by GBR Biology to increase understanding of the places we visit on the Great Barrier Reef. Join in on our conservation efforts and become a Great Barrier Reef Ambassador.

First Nations Sea Country – delegates can immerse themselves in a 60,000-year-old culture. Led by Traditional Owner groups of the land and sea in which we work, experience the resources available to them, and hear the creation stories of the Great Barrier Reef before diving in and learning about the modern management and uses of this incredibly diverse system.

Marine Science – the Great Barrier Reef is renowned for its biodiversity. Delve deeper into the things that make the reef tick; food chains, plankton, adaptations and physical conditions. Immerse your clients in hands-on learning about the Great Barrier Reef and give delegates the experience of being a Marine Biologist for a day.

These programs can be added to non-exclusive group bookings, as well as private charter arrangements for each of our Great Barrier Reef experiences in Cairns and Port Douglas.