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As part of the Tourism Industry Reference Panel’s Interim Action Plan, the Queensland Government has launched a $7 million program dedicated to attracting business events to the state. Events held at the Cairns Convention Centre can apply for funding support through this program.

Events can apply for financial assistance of $100 per registered full program delegate for maximum of 1,000 delegates with the opportunity for events to increase this to $120 per registered full program delegate if they do a multi-year deal.

What events are eligible?

  • The event must be a national association or corporate event
  • Minimum duration of three days
  • Must be held before 31 March 2025
  • The event must be contracted within 60 days from the Letter of Offer from the Cairns Convention Centre
  • The event has been held nationally before with historical attendance data available
  • Event organisers must be considering other destinations outside of Queensland (you will need to provide the list)
  • The event must meet the following in-person delegate requirements (virtual attendees must not be included):
  • Minimum in-person registered full program delegates each day is 350
  • Maximum number of delegates to receive incentive per event is 1,000
  • Minimum percentage of in person delegates from outside of Queensland is 50%

More details on the program and eligibility can be found below.

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